Roper Pump Packing Set

Roper Pump Packing Set


Roper Pump Packing Set, Graphite, 500F Max


Fits the following 3600 series 2″ & 3″ pump models:  3611, 3617, 3622, 4611, 4617, 4622


Fits the following Crafco Roper Pump Models 42070, 42071, 42072, 27029, 41101, 43011 (replaces part # 29990)


Fits the following A series packed pump models: 1AP06, 2AP06, 17AP06, 18AP06, 1AP08, 2AP08, 17AP08, 18AP08, 1AP12, 2AP12, 17AP12, 18AP16, 1AP16, 2AP16, 17AP16, 18AP16, 1AP21, 2AP21, 17AP21, 18AP21, 1AP27, 2AP27, 17AP27, 18AP27, 1AP32, 2AP32, 17AP32, 18AP32, 1AP40, 2AP40, 17AP40, & 18AP40


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Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in