About Us

Powerflo Products Inc. started in business in 1988 as The Progressive Engineering Company. Progressive Engineering began manufacturing rotors for progressing cavity pumps. Soon the modest shop was also manufacturing drive shafts, connecting rods, shaft sleeves and composite blades for rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors.

In January of 1994 the company’s founder, Gene Fenton joined the business full time and changed the name to Powerflo Products. Along with the name change came the new focus on industrial distribution, design, fabrication and warehousing of rotating equipment. This equipment included liquid pumps, electric motors, vacuum pumps and replacement parts.

The company became Powerflo Products, Inc. in 1996 by incorporating in the state of California. To this day Powerflo and it’s employees embody the small machine shop’s nimble and scrappy work ethic. The combination of providing class leading and innovative product solutions, excellent attitudes, and over 70 years of industrial pump experience makes Powerflo California’s top choice for pumps.


Present Day