Gardner Denver GD150 Blower

Gardner Denver GD150 Blower

Gardner Denver GD150 Blower:

Sold complete with 30psi Relief Valve, Port Flanges, Brass Check Valve, Air Filter, and Mounting Feet

    • Lightweight and compact
    • Oil-free discharge
    • Replaces Drum J150 and J102
    • For general purpose liquid tankers e.g. liquid foodstuff, solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen, resins and other chemicals
    • Compact, stainless steel rotor, anodised aluminium body and sideplates, air cooled, oil free vane design
    • Low viscosity liquid discharge from multi-purpose tank-trucks and other tank containters
    • Highly corrosion resistant

    Maximum flow:117m3/hr (69 cfm) at 2.5 bar g (36 psig)
    Maximum pressure: 2.5 bar g (36 psig)

    Maximum RPM:1600

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    Weight150 lbs