Chesterton 442C XL Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal

Chesterton 442C XL Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal

Equipment disassembly leads to high maintenance and operating costs as well as safety risks, but with extremely large pumps and other rotating equipment the stakes are even higher. The Chesterton 442C XL Split Seal, which suits equipment shafts from 5.00″ (125 mm) upto 7.75″ (195 mm), allows for seal installation without disassembly of large pumps, helping customers avoid extended downtime, lifting of heavy components, and disruption to nearby equipment.


The XL also has the following features that simplify reliable installation and operation:

  • Spring Carrier Plate​: Reduces installation errors and saves time
  • Unique O-Ring Grooves​: Greater sealing capability for use in more applications
  • Automatic Self-Aligning Faces​:  Aligned and compressed automatically without manual handling​
  • Interlocking Rotary Face​: Positively locates the face halves for greater sealing reliability


  • Simple cartridge installation—without equip​ment disassembly
  • Innovative design with superior performance
  • Fits the majority of rotating equipment
  • Easy field repair
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61​
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