Chesterton 442C Split Cartridge Seal

Chesterton 442C Split Cartridge Seal

Chesterton is the world leader in design innovation of split seals. Our innovative split seals have been used to seal thousands of process-critical pieces of rotating equipment with exceptional​​ ​results and many years of leak-free operations.


Chesterton was the first company to offer commercially-viable split seals for plant-wide use, which revolutionized pump sealing across industries. Since that time, we’ve launched a number of innovative split seal designs now used as a standard by companies around the globe.​ We offer shaft diameters ranging from 25-914​ mm (1-36 in.)​


Common sizes currently in stock at Powerflo Products Inc.


Powerflo is an authorized Chesterton Mechanical Seal Distributor in California.


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