Chesterton 442C 1.750″ Split Seal for ANSI Pumps

Chesterton 442C 1.750″ Split Seal for ANSI Pumps

Powerflo Products Inc. stocks a wide array of high performance cartridge seals and split mechanical seals from the AW Chesterton Co. Particularly we stock these exceptional seals to fit ANSI pumps from small to large frames, such as this 442C Split Cartridge seal to fit the following standard bore fitted pump models: Summit 2196MTO, Goulds 3196MTX and 3196MTi, Peerless 8196MTP, Griswold 811M, Titan 4196, and Pinnacle 8896.


Replace your pump’s seal without removing it from service with the Chesterton 442C split cartridge seal!


Seals are in stock and our specialists are standing by to assist you with the right seal for your application.


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    442C 1.750 SA RSC/RSC S FKM

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