Aplex MA Series Pumps

Aplex MA Series Pumps

Built for heavy, continuous duty 24-hours per day, 365 days per year application. Designed to handle the toughest applications. Available in configurations to comply with the Hydraulic Institute standards as well as API674 Standards.

MA Series Pump Features:

  • Flows up to 650 GPM
  • Pressure ratings up to 5,000 PSI
  • Horsepower ratings to 240
  • Temperatures to 400 F
  • Metallurgies available are Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze,
    Carbon Steels and a variety of Stainless Steel

Models:MA-15M, MA-15H, MA-25L, MA-25M, MA-25H, MA-40L, MA-40H, MA-60M, MA-60H, MA-75L, MA-75M, MA-75H, MA-95L, MA-95M, MA-120L, MA-120M, MA-120H, MA-140M, MA-155L, MA-155M, MA-240K, MA-240L, MA-240M, MA-240H, MA-300L, MA-300M

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